Beyond Sixth Form

Going to University

We offer specialist information, support and guidance for students wishing to apply to Oxbridge and international universities. We have an excellent record of students gaining places at their first choice university, this is due to a rigorous UCAS preparation programme for students and expert Pastoral Mentors who are trained in writing references for their tutees. 

High Level Apprenticeships

We realise that university is not for everyone and students who would rather enter the world of work after completing A Levels will find useful information on Apprenticeships at We also have a programme of companies and organisations that come in to speak to students about Apprenticeship programmes and visits to careers fairs throughout the year.


Student Finance

Student finance for higher education is subject to change each year.  It is important for students and parents to realise that it is their responsibility to understand implications of the most recent arrangements and make timely applications for funding.  An excellent source of information on the current funding arrangements is

Student finance can be applied for online at


In addition to the comprehensive programme of support offered in school, please refer to the links below for assistance with your UCAS application.